Сентябрь 2020 — Блог | SYSTEMVENT - вентиляционное оборудование

Aereco Group acquires Mack ThermoTechnik, a German specialist in Heat Pump solutions

Systemvent 7 сентября 2020

Nowadays people and governments are paying more and more attention to the energy efficiency in all the sectors of economy and in the Building industry among them. There are many initiatives, such as NZEB, Passive House etc. aiming at reducing energy consummation thanks to the use of modern technologies in construction materials and systems installed in the buildings: heating, ventilation, lighting control etc.

From ventilation point of view, several solutions are quite efficient today, in particular ventilation systems using heat pumps.

Therefore, to reinforce its offer and competences in the field of heat recovery ventilation solutions, Aereco Group acquired a well-known specialist in the area of heat pumps, a German manufacturer, Mack ThermoTechnik.

Mack ThermoTechnik is one of the most innovative providers of heat pumps, with many years of experience developing, manufacturing and installing thermal engineering products. Mack’s large product range impresses with its energy and cost efficiency, durability and first-class quality.